eliot round.png

Eliot Samuels

CEO and Co-founder

Pioneers new financial technology products that help people flourish. With broad experience from EY and the $1B hedge fund PilotRock, he earned $100M+ in profit for investors by leading investments in fintech and precious metals.

andrew round.png

Andrew Moedinger

CTO and Co-founder

Builds technology to radically improve people’s lives. As a technical leader at Google across 3 international offices, he tackled problems from UX to machine learning and developed Gmail innovations for 1 Billion users.

robert wilson.jpg

Robert Wilson

Partner, Finance and Risk

Robert leverages 20+ years of financial industry experience to build rigorous, scalable platforms. With diverse experience from leading institutions such as PwC, Rothschild Bank, and over a decade at Goldman Sachs, he has managed many business areas including Audit, Financial reporting, Regulatory, Credit and Corporate due diligence to name a few.

henry round.png

Henry Williamson

Independent director

Brings extensive experience and perspective for sound decision making. Over a 30-year bank executive career, as COO he built BB&T from a local bank with $400M in assets into the 10th largest publicly traded bank in the US with $200B in assets.