SERVANT LEADERSHIP – Leading by serving, edifying, and empowering our associates, clients, and community.

LEARNING & ADAPTABILITY - Openness to seek the truth about ourselves and the world by listening, observing, and striving to understand others. Openness to criticism and new ideas. Proactively looking for ways to do things better.

INTEGRITY - Excellence and honesty in all we do. Speaking the truth plainly and in love. Earning trust and maintaining confidences. Not cutting corners ethically. Doing what is right, not what's expedient.

FAITHFUL STEWARDSHIP - Devotion to employ our resources, talents, and opportunities wisely, to the best of our abilities, and in accord with our values.

COURAGE - Demonstrating strength of character and conviction to take risks based on the unseen future versus the visible present, plus the optimism and perseverance to faithfully follow through.