Who We Are

SolidusLink is a multi-dealer precious metals trading platform capable of integrating with any bank or custodian, so that both institutional and individual investors, as well as their advisors, can access and hold real gold as easily as stocks. Our vision is to bring a reliable savings tool to more than a billion people.

We’re a tenacious team of technologists and financial markets specialists supported by an experienced bench of investors and advisors.

While our headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2019 we plan to transition from a team of contractors in the United States to a full New York City office. By early 2020's, we aim to expand well beyond the U.S. and Europe.

How We Work

User-centric design is applied to every aspect of our technology. Our engineering team collaborates closely with our product managers and designers to create simple, powerful, and instant experiences.

Security is a guiding principle for our system architecture. Our team is applying broad experience including previous projects for Western intelligence agencies.

Cloud computing has been standard practice for most of our team since before it was cool. Running global-scale, distributed systems at Google has taught us to expect low-latency, fault-tolerant systems as the norm. This drives the foundation of our infrastructure to be rock-solid, reliable, and robust to failure. Even the failure of an entire data center would be largely unnoticed by users.

Together We Value

Integrity • Generosity • Humility • Teamwork • Persistence